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Resources and Links

  • Kids Help Phone Line

  • Canadian Red Cross - Stop Bullying

  • Media Smarts-What to Do if someone is Mean to you Online

  • Media Smart -Think Before You Share

  • Media Smarts-Do the Right Thing!

  • Your Connected Life:A Teen's Guide to Life Online

  • Respecting Yourself and Others Online Workshop

  • Media Smarts-Half Girl, Half Face-Workshop

  • OBPC-Supporting a Peer Who Is Being Bullied

  • Erase Bullying-Youth Information

  • Prevnet- What Teens Need to know

  • No Bullying-Teens and Internet Safety

  • No Bullying-Youth Information

  • Youth Card-English

  • Youth Card-French

  • Video-You Can Make A Difference

  • Video-Labels Don't Define You

  • Video-Labels Don't Define You